Myanmar (Burma)

The company has for some time been monitoring the events in Myanmar and we feel the time is ripe to introduce our service to our clients which is as follows:

1. We operate out of Thailand and take our clients to our office in Rangoon the Myanmar capital.

2. We have a joint venture with very reliable ex Government officials who have a trading office with drivers and cars to move clients around Rangoon or elsewhere and along with us organize any potential business in the country.

3. Besides the Myanmar associates, the company has an international lawyer who can help clients with all the legal matters necessary to set up a company and business.

4. We can handle all enquiries whether they are property orientated or deal with any other business segments.

5. We have launched a group on the LinkedIn website under the name of  Dave Medway and the feedback has been very satisfactory. Should you need further details to log on please e-mail

6. We can offer clients 100 % financing on land or buildings on a purchase and leaseback basis.

In our opinion there is a two year window of opportunity while the sanctions are completely lifted worldwide.

On the property front, there is an alarming shortage of hotels, serviced accommodation and offices. Besides this Myanmar needs so many resources which will no doubt be provided by companies and investors from outside the country.

Clients can work with us on a monthly retainer and/ or commissions where applicable.

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