About Lake Maggiore

Luxecorp has joined forces with a leading Italian realtor to bring to Thailand an initial collection of villas, houses and apartments around the lake and surrounding areas. The area is on a par with the South of France, Portofino, the Italian Riviera and other worldwide resorts. Adjoining neighboring countries it offers summer and winter living with a visage second to none.

Lake Maggiore, a long, thin lake on the south side of the Alps, is noted for its picturesque setting amid greenery-covered mountains. It is the second largest lake in Italy and the largest in southern Switzerland. The lake and its shoreline are divided between the Italian regions of Piedmont and Lombardy and the Swiss canton of Ticino., Lake Maggiore extends between Locarno and Arona. Within it are the 3 tiny famous Borromean Islands, known for terraced gardens and aristocratic villas. They’re reachable by boat from Stresa, one of the larger tourist lake towns, in Piedmont. Lake Maggiore lies north of Milan.

Since the climate is mild year-round, the area is filled with Mediterranean vegetation and exotic plants, producing Mediterranean vegetation, with many gardens growing rare and exotic plants. The area enjoys nearly 2,300 hours of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature of 15.5 °C (60 °F). The water of the lake has a comfortable temperature of 20 °C (68 °F) to 22 °C (72 °F) in July and August. In winter snowfall is erratic and primarily affects the higher elevations. Rainfall is heaviest in May and lowest during the winter months.

Lake Maggiore is 64.37 kilometers / 34¾ nautical miles long, and 3 to 5 km (2 to 3 miles) wide, except at the bay opening westward, where it is 10 km (6 mi) wide. Its mean height above the sea level is 193 metres; a deep lake, its bottom is almost everywhere below sea-level: at its deepest, 179 metres below. While the upper end is completely alpine in character, the middle region lies between hills of gentler form, and the lower end advances to the verge of the plain of Lombardy. Lake Maggioreis the most westerly of the three great southern pre-alpine lakes, the others being Lake Como and Lake Garda.

Regular boat services connect the various lake towns. But as several of the most popular attractions are not close to a boat stop, a car is the best way to explore the entire lake. A car ferry across the center of the lake makes this even easier.

Lake Maggiore was featured in Ernest Hemingway’s infamous novel, A Farewell to Arms, when the protagonist and his lover must row across the lake in order to escape the Italian Carabinieri.

Stresa is the largest resort town on the Italian part of the lake and tends to cater to a moneyed crowd with its smart shops, upscale restaurants, and posh hotels. The lakeside promenade where much of tourist life centers offers beautiful views across to the islands.

There are 1364 hotels around the lake ranging from 2-5* ratings.