The Consalvo Estate

Location. The Consalvo Estate is situated in the north of Maremma in the Pisa province of  Italy, about a 15 minute-drive from the Follonica beaches. The area is extremely peaceful, settled amongst uncontaminated Mediterranean woods in the Metalliferous Hills. The total dimension of the estate is 284 hectares (700 acres).

How to reach the Consalvo Estate. It can be easily reached from the north or south of Italy by motorway. You leave the road at Venturina and then there is only 19 km of provincial road to reach Consalvo.  It is also possible to arrive at the estate by aircraft or helicopter, because there is an air-strip on the estate.

Buildings :
Consalvo farm house : 1.500 square meters, in good condition.
> Zoppi house : 260 square meters, in good condition.
> San Luigi farm house : 560 square meters, in good condition.
> San Angelo watermill : 310 square meters, to be restored.
> Santa Zoe farm house : 640 square meters, to be restored.
> The house in the wood : 100 square meters, to be rebuilt.
> Aircraft Hangar : 120 square meters, in good condition.

Flat Sown land. There are about 67 hectares, rented annually.

Hilly sown land. There is about 38 hectares, superbly facing, sow able land that can be used to plant vineyards.

Land for Vineyards. 4 hectares.

Wood Land. 163 hectares.

Pasture Lands / Uncultivated Land. 10 hectares.

Game Reserve. The reserve spreads out along the whole surface of the estate. A great variety of wild animals can be found in the area, like wild boars, roe deer’s, fawns, foxes, sometimes wolves, porcupines, pheasants, woodcocks, quails, hawks, and so on.
The presence of the game reserve on the estate is a very important and valuable feature beyond its naturalistic value which keeps strangers away, without the necessity to fence the estate. Moreover, in the Pisa province, it is not possible to create new reserves, so this adds extra value to the estate.

Airstrip. The grassy air strip is 1.000 meters long. It can be used for bi-turbine aircrafts of about 6.000 kilos maximum landing weight. There is also a hangar for 1 or 2 aircrafts. Owing to the risk of terrorist attacks, it is very hard to obtain new permission for private airports. The length of Consalvo Estate air strip (1.000 meters) is another important and valuable feature, considering that the Florence airport is only 1.200 m. long.

Approved Planning for a Golf Course. In the southern part of Estate there is a Golf Course planning approval for an 18/36 holes golf course, hotel, restaurant and service centre. All these planning details have been included within the February 2000 Piano Regolatore (Town Plan) of Monteverdi Marittimo village and it is possible to start construction of these elements without any delays. It must be noted that today in Italy it is necessary to wait 10/15 years to have the permission to build a golf course, even if you have all the essential permissions like owners’ approval, license from the local authorities, Provincial, Region, Comunità Montana and agreements with local politicians. Two preliminary studies have been carried out on the Consalvo golf course by Arch.Giorgio Ferraris & Bill Amick ‘s Office in Torino but the course has yet to be built.

What is permitted to be built on the Consalvo Estate.
> 7.000 cubic meters (2.333 sq m) of new buildings can be built immediately (hotels, apartment hotel, etc.), because they already form part of the “Piano Regolatore” in the 2.000 Town Plan. At the end of 2005 a preliminary project of 7.000 cubic meters (c.m.) was also presented and signed with Monteverdi city administrators.

> More than 10.000 cubic meters (3.350 sq m), of existing residential buildings can be restored for the golf course structures, as are provided by “Piano Regolatore” of February 2000.

> The Comune di Monteverdi (Monteverdi city administrators), with the new “Piano Strutturale” (a kind of new Town Plan), approved at the end of July 2009, the construction of 34.515 cubic meter (11.505 sq m) of new buildings for the golf course, hotels, apartment hotel, etc.

> It will be also possible to build unlimited underground buildings for suitable car and cart parking, golf bags, maintenance machines, dressing rooms, kitchens, storehouses, staff accommodations and so on.

> It is also possible to build a new tranche of residential building with permission of 40.000 cubic meters (13.333 sq m), listed within the Town Plan called “Perequazione”, that allows one to move the unused building on the Estate.

Gravel deposits. The estate meets two rivers, the “Cornia” and the “Massera”. A large amount of gravel deposits were recently dumped on nearby land to build the new motorway, The Estate’s own gravel deposits will substantially rise in value when the new four-lane motorway Rosignano-Civitavecchia (A12) will be built because gravel from the Estate’s deposits will be needed to finish the motorway.  Also the gravel depositis can be used to build the new elements of the estate.

Val di Cornia wine DOC (Registered designation of origin) area. The land on the estate is included in the wine DOC area of Val di Cornia. The hilly sow able land is in very good position to plant vineyards. The area boosts a number of well-known wines all over the world, like the famous “Sassicaia” of Incisa della Rocchetta and the “Ornellaia” of Frescobaldi, not to mention “Petra” of Moretti wine cellars and “Guado al Melo” of Prof. Scienza and “Guado al Tasso” of Antinori.

Spa and hot springs. The estate is among the Metalliferous Hills, a very important area for the Italian geothermal energy, so it is likely there is spa water in its underground reservoir, even if so far no accurate drilling has been carried out.

Climate. The average temperature is between 11° and 29°. Sun averages 7.4 hrs a day and is amongst the highest in Italy with an average monthly rain fall of 75 mm.

Noise. Noise on all the estate does not exist and the nearest road leads to a village with 670 inhabitants.

Obstacles or transmission tower. There are no obstacles like transmission towers or electricity pylons on the estate, only the normal wooden pylons to provide electricity for the estate.

Water. Water for the use of the whole estate is pulled out from a spring. There is plenty of water for a golf course. In fact the estate has the advantage of being between two rivers.

Consalvo estate management. Because of the limited profitability from agriculture, it has been decided to promote the initiative of the golf course and the game reserve. The management of the estate balances incomes with spending, and all its lands are annually rented. The Consalvo Estate has no debts. The land and game reserves rented annually will enable new owners to start their own activities without delays.

The sea : The sea is 21 km from the estate. There are two very well equipped marinas in “Salivoli” ( Piombino) or at “Golfo Baratti” 30 Kms from the Estate.

Golf Clubs. In the area there are 2 golf, one called Pelagone at 30 kms from the estate and the other Punta Ala Golf Club at 45 kms distance.

Culture in the area. Tuscany is one of the worldwide cradle for the arts with the wonderful towns of Firenze, Siena, Volterra, Massa Marittima, Bientina, Pisa, Lucca Montalcino and the ancient and mysterious people of Etruschi.

Ownership. The estate totally belongs to a family.

The Estate is offered for sale with vacant possession at Euros 13,500,000

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